The world of board gaming comes with its own crazy lingo. The terminology can be confusing to newcomers and veterans alike—if not entirely ambiguous at times. This will serve as a living, breathing glossary where I will attempt to define board game related lingo and buzzwords.

This living glossary is a collaboration between Paul Shapiro and BoredGameTable. We will continue to add definitions.

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An acronym for "Online Friendly Local Game Shop/Store".

OFLGs are online board game stores. Much like the brick-and-mortar FLGS, they are typically small, independently businesses. Although they are primarily eCommerce businesses, it is not uncommon for an OFLGS to have brick-and-mortar counterpart. Some examples of OFLGS include CoolStuffInc, Miniature Market, and Game Nerdz.

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

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