The Board Gamer’s Glossary

The world of board gaming comes with its own crazy lingo. The terminology can be confusing to newcomers and veterans alike—if not entirely ambiguous at times. This will serve as a living, breathing glossary where I will attempt to define board game related lingo and buzzwords.

This living glossary is a collaboration between Paul Shapiro and BoredGameTable. We will continue to add definitions.

There are currently 3 Board Game Terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
BGG is shorthand for BoardGameGeek. See "BoardGameGeek".
Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

[Game Website]

BoardGameGeek is a very prominent board game website that acts as both a community forum and board game database.

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

Brain Burner(s)
[Game Term]

A term to describe a game which requires deep, analytical thinking with complex decision trees. The decision are difficult and thus said to "burn your brain".

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

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