The Board Gamer’s Glossary

The world of board gaming comes with its own crazy lingo. The terminology can be confusing to newcomers and veterans alike—if not entirely ambiguous at times. This will serve as a living, breathing glossary where I will attempt to define board game related lingo and buzzwords.

This living glossary is a collaboration between Paul Shapiro and BoredGameTable. We will continue to add definitions.

There are currently 4 Board Game Terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.
CDG Games (Card-Driven Games)
CDGs or Card-Driven Games refers specifically to a genre of wargames in which actions are taken by playing cards. Many of the cards you may play in a CDG represent historical events, permitting critical parts of history to unfold in a non-linear fashion and according to player decisions. Twilight Struggle and many games produce by GMT Games are examples of Card-Driven Wargames.
Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

[Game Term]

Components make up the materials of the game, excluding the box. For instance, this may include pieces such as game boards, cards, dice, cubes, disks, and meeple.

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

[Game Term]

A game that requires significant thought or mental calculation of its moves, actions, or in determining how to apply its rules. Crunchy is likely derived from the term "number crunching".

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

Cult of the New
[Game Phrase]

A term used to denote the tendency of certain hobby board gamers that fixate on new and/or unreleased games.

These gamers will tend to ignore classic and slightly older games in favor of these newer games, leaving the older ones unplayed.

The term is often used in a derogatory manner.

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

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