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The world of board gaming comes with its own crazy lingo. The terminology can be confusing to newcomers and veterans alike—if not entirely ambiguous at times. This will serve as a living, breathing glossary where I will attempt to define board game related lingo and buzzwords.

This living glossary is a collaboration between Paul Shapiro and BoredGameTable. We will continue to add definitions.

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[Game Style]

A style of strategy card and board games that are generally characterized by minimal luck, a lack of player elimination, and indirect conflict.

Eurogames are given their name, having originated in Germany before spreading to the rest of Europe and the world. They are stylistically and mechanically different than tradition American board games.

Eurogame designers are often regarded with prestige and as a result, their name is given prominence on the board game’s box. Although eurogames have distinct themes, they usually serve the purpose of making the rules easier to grasp and recall.

Eurogames are sometimes alternatively refereed to as "Designer Board Games" or "German-Style Board Games".

Submitted by: Paul Shapiro

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