About Board Game Squad

Board Game Squad, founded by Paul Shapiro, is a blog and podcast dedicated to the vibrant world of board games.

We aim to provide high-quality reviews of the latest and greatest games, perspectives on old favorites, opinions and thought pieces about the hobby, industry news, game previews, strategy discussions, and so much more.

Board gaming is very much about the people who play them and the experiences that they create. So, join the Squad and we’ll forge memories at the table together.

About our Mascots (Logo)

Game Knight (left), Mr. Dice Guy (right)

Game Knight

Game Knight symbolized those of us who can’t stop thinking about his next Game Night. He’s always reading about strategy games and as a friend, is a great resource for figuring out which game you should play next.

Mr. Dice Guy

Mr. Dice Guy is your resident Mr. Nice Guy. He wants to ensure that everyone around the table is having fun, above all else. He’s fine with a hint of randomness.

Frequent Contributors

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro is Founder and Editor of Board Game Squad. He enjoys all types of games and experiences, but has a particular penchant for medium to heavy eurogames.

Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds is a co-host of the Board Game Squad Podcast. His time gaming is mostly spent asking to play games no-one else wants to play, and then making poor decisions in any game he does play.

David Rodriguez

I’m a lover of all kinds of games, whether they be board, video, miniatures, or card games. I want to share my thoughts on all games new and old.

Past & Occasional Contributors

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Board Game Squad is a proud member of Punchboard Media. Make sure you check out the other amazing Punchboard Media contributors.