Three Sisters [Review]: Growing the Perfect Roll & Write

Agriculture is a pervasive theme in board gaming, with titles such as Agricola and Viticulture often topping lists of the best board games. There’s something incredibly appropriate about it as a board game theme—the slow but rewarding development of crops over time, the logistics of land management, and economics of resources and labor. So from the … Read more

How to Baby Proof Your Board Game Shelf (such as a Kallax) and Protect Your Games!

As a parent of twin toddlers, my first concern is their safety. My sprawling Kallax shelves of board games pose some serious risks. They can fall over, games can topple, and as a secondary concern—my games can be damaged and dirtied by their curious little jam hands. So what are the options to baby-proof your … Read more

Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire Review – May Thy Workers Descend!

The Coricancha in Cusco, Peru contained five temples, including the highly significant Temple of the Sun, making it the center of religious life for the Incan empire. As such, it is also the center of Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire. Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire is a 1-4 player worker placement game from board game designer Dávid … Read more

Podcast: Episode 8 – Online Conventions, Sanctum, and More

On our way through the depths of pandemic gaming, we talk about navigating the maze of online conventions, the winds of change with trick taking games, the shiny SdJ winners, and more treasures leading to the final boss: our deep dive review of Sanctum. Online Conventions and catch up: 1:36 Spiel des Jahres: 8:34 Paradise … Read more

Podcast: Episode 7 – Barrage

In this episode Adam and Paul talk about how they are coping with quarantine by relying on TikTok, playing board games online, and deep diving into the murky waters of Barrage. If you were looking for an itemized list of the issues with the Kickstarter campaign, listen in. They also go over the merits of … Read more