Podcast: Episode 8 – Online Conventions, Sanctum, and More

On our way through the depths of pandemic gaming, we talk about navigating the maze of online conventions, the winds of change with trick taking games, the shiny SdJ winners, and more treasures leading to the final boss: our deep dive review of Sanctum. Online Conventions and catch up: 1:36 Spiel des Jahres: 8:34 Paradise … Read more

Podcast: Episode 7 – Barrage

In this episode Adam and Paul talk about how they are coping with quarantine by relying on TikTok, playing board games online, and deep diving into the murky waters of Barrage. If you were looking for an itemized list of the issues with the Kickstarter campaign, listen in. They also go over the merits of … Read more

Podcast: Episode 6 – David Turczi

On this episode of the Board Game Squad Podcast, Paul interviews our special guest – game designer David Turczi. Listen in to hear about upcoming titles, David’s process for designing and a ton of info on how he collaborates with other designers. Related: See our reviews of Tawantinsuyu, Rome & Roll, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, and … Read more

Podcast: Episode 5 – Maracaibo

Want to talk about one of the most exciting games of 2019? Adam and Paul walk you through Maracaibo’s different strategies, eccentricities, mechanisms, and ways you can successfully navigate the rules and gameplay. Gaming accessories: 3:01 News/Kickstarter 13:44 What we have been playing recently 26:56 Xenon Profiteer 28:29 Quirky Circuits 31:24 Viticulture 32:43 Nyet! 34:53 Terramara … Read more

Podcast: Episode 2 – Pipeline

We’re coming to you live from PAX Unplugged 2019 in Philadelphia! Paul and Adam share their convention experiences, the games they played on the showroom floor, and do a deep dive review of Pipeline from Capstone Games and designer Ryan Courtney. 01:55 Sea of Legends 05:50 Aftermath 08:01 Quirky Circuits 13:48 MonsDRAWsity 15:22 Sanctum 17:05 … Read more