Podcast: Episode 8 – Online Conventions, Sanctum, and More

On our way through the depths of pandemic gaming, we talk about navigating the maze of online conventions, the winds of change with trick taking games, the shiny SdJ winners, and more treasures leading to the final boss: our deep dive review of Sanctum. Online Conventions and catch up: 1:36 Spiel des Jahres: 8:34 Paradise Lost (review): 19:20 Ride The Rails: 20:01 Metro X: 21:56 Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun: 24:13 Vinyl Jukebox: 25:42 Fort: 26:31 Herrlof: 31:30 Sanctum: 34:44 Obvious TROLL Giveaway Link (https://kingsumo.com/g/nha1ai/troll-by-oink-games-out-of-print-giveaway-from-board-game-squad) Be sure to visit us at https://boardgamesquad.com/podcast/. Email us at podcast@boardgamesquad.com! We want to hear from you. Ask us questions, let us know what we got wrong, and let us know what you have been playing lately so we can look into and review your favorite games as well! ~ From around the blog: See our list of the best board games for two players. See our list of the best board games of all time.

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