Podcast: Episode 10 – Paladins of the West Kingdom

It’s a new year and we are up to our old shenanigans. Adam can’t make a decision and Paul might be immortal? We will also do a deep dive into the stories that the West Kingdom games tell.

What we have been playing lately: 3:11

Chess (5d Chess with Multiverse Time Travel 4:56)

Divvy Dice 6:33

First Orchard 8:46

Horrified 9:44

Cooper Island 12:31

Biblios 16:47

Clank! In! Space! 19:21

Three Sisters 20:49

Terra Mystica Gaia Project 21:49

Yokohama 23:14

Bandido 24:06


Carnegie 25:25

Darwin’s Journey 29:02

Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition 29:42 Coming to KS mid feb (est)

Mint Bid 30:31

Review 31:29

Paladins of the West Kingdom


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