Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is the Gloomhaven and The 7th Continent Killer! [Review]

In the land of Avalon, the greatest champions of the realm have banded together in a last ditch effort to keep the dark magic from consuming the land. The Menhirs, monoliths erected by the ancestors to serve as warding devices, have begun failing, permitting the Wyrdness to take hold. Now the champions have gone missing, … Read more

RONE (Complete Edition) & Last Stand Expansion Review: an Under-the-Radar Card Game Worth Your Attention

Did you ever wonder what it would be like after a nuclear fallout? Enter the world of RONE: Races of New Era. In RONE you play as a hero forced to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland—a world of diminishing resources, with enemies around every corner, and devoid of Kickstarter. Life is grim and you need … Read more

Gùgōng Review

The following is a guest post from contributor Anthony Ball. Game: GugongDesigned by: Andreas StedingAccommodates: 1-5 playersAuthor’s Plays: 13 at various player counts (1-4 players) BoardGameGeek Link Appearance The front of the box is very pretty and shows someone being given a gift which is the theme of the game. The back of the box … Read more

10 Japanese Board Games Worth Checking Out

Play is a universal activity. Though we often focus on the types of games from our own region, healthy tabletop design culture exists around the world. Titles from countries such as Argentina, Nigeria, Brazil, Iran, Indonesia, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan join the familiar western publishers at Spiel in Essen, Germany each fall. In this … Read more

Guardian’s Call Review

The latest from designer James Hudson, Guardian’s Call, is a high player-interaction party game designed to create interesting moments and natural stopping points during play. Playing it with a group of close friends felt a lot like poker night. I believe that’s no accident, and that this game can fill a very important niche for … Read more

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write Review

The following is a guest post from contributor Anthony Ball. Game Title: Imperial Settlers: Roll & WriteDesigner: Ignacy TrzewiczekPlay Time: ~30 minutesAccommodates: 1-4 playersAuthor’s Plays: 8 at player counts of 1-2 BGG Link Appearance The front of the box is amusing. It shows a person drawing a town and some animals using a pencil, giving … Read more

Cat Café Review: Roll Kitty, Roll!

Roll and write games are very popular nowadays, and although there’s no shortage of new ones being released, none but Cat Café feature adorable kittens. Cat Café, designed by Giung Kim and Juhwa Lee, is very appropriately published by Alley Cat Games (in participation with Korean publisher, Mandoo Games). It accommodates 2-4 players and takes … Read more